AEC Recognizes the Late Congressman John Lewis

Recently, I wrote to a friend of mine and a personal acquaintance of Representative John Lewis in an effort to comfort him.  Please read his heartwarming response … one that I hope reflects all who are affiliated with the Antioch Educational Center. Let’s keep working TOGETHER.
– Jackie O’Bannon, Executive Director

“I was with [John Lewis] on a number of occasions and we had personal conversations.  Conversations that affirmed my belief in our shared humanity as the first order of life.  I understand this is not a popular perspective these days, but John Lewis believed in concurrence.  We are different, but we are not different.  Ideology aligns with idealism to secure the paradox of life.  Good and evil exist external to the good will that relentlessly recruits us to our essential redeemed self.  Even while we get lost in the day to day competition to gain the highest ground in a rising sea. 

John Lewis was a powerful personality with incredible energy.   At the same time when I was with him I felt welcomed and at peace.  Although I certainly did not feel his equal his spirit reassured me that I was.  We come wired with a sensor that lets us know when we are accepted by another.  We hear volumes about that these days.  That is why I can state these things about John Lewis.  John Morgan-old, white, accepted.  That is why his political adversaries loved him and inevitably were disarmed by his humanity. 

John Lewis passionately believed in disturbing the comfortable to retool the paradox of life to master self-righteousness.  One of his canned speeches was exactly to this point.  The human emotional tie he made with others drew them in.  The ultimate level playing field is our essential selves and all acceptance can deliver, where justice is within.  I suppose one could call this humility with a purpose.  In this vision the obvious differences in circumstances and beliefs among humans on the planet are subordinated to the indivisible stem of our 200,000 year concurrence, human consciousness.  The undeniable miracle that neuroscience has given up trying to explain.  The gift from God.  Where concurrence can wake us up to humility and the array of outcomes draw us to extend an outreached hand and do our best in the place of imposition and the upper hand.  I know this is your belief since that is how you live your life.

John Lewis remains a light as the clouds roll in.”

– John F. Morgan, Sr., Hilton Head Island, SC